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We take on all of the big and little tasks to keep your dog happy, healthy, thriving and safe.

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As if having your own Hound Honey Concierge wasn’t enough, we've got so much more to offer than the competition. Don't believe us? Check out the Top 7 Reasons to join the pack!

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Our premier membership service provides you with your very own Hound Honey, a pup concierge whose entire purpose is to assist you with any and all of your canine needs.

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In short, we do everything
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From the basics like walks and grooming, to more complicated needs like vet tech services and emotional support dog certification, we've got you covered.

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We're focused, ready, willing, able, and there to cover all of the aspects related to your pup.
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Dedicated task time, access to preferred partners & vendors, Exclusive events, a Rewards program and so much more!