Membership Overview

Bi- Annual Membership Fee ( 6 months ) : $375

Your Membership Includes:

  • be paired with your Hound Honey and their team for all of your dog’s needs
  • have access to all in-house and Preferred Partner / Vendor services.
  • accrue Reward and bonus points that earn you free services
  • have full access to our Events and Partner promotions
  • participate in any cross promotional ventures resulting from our exclusive Partnerships
  • be educated on every aspect of your dog’s care by leading experts in their fields’
  • meet other pup parents and participate in all social activities organized by our team
  • choose from 1 of our canine/ animal charities to “gift” to through our philanthropic program

Additional Fees Apply For All Hound Honey Provided and Outsourced Services Once Membership Begins

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Getting started is a walk in the park:

  1. Simply Click Here to Login and purchase your Membership
  2. Once your Membership Request is received, your Hound Honey will send along your Membership Agreement for signature and begin the onboarding process.  It is their job to get to know all of the little details about you and your dog to support you as best they can. We pride ourselves on making sure your dog will always know their care giver. Your Hound Honey will work on a schedule with you, provide details on all of the services we offer, information on the perk program, and curate a list of suggestions from different K9 categories.

Not quite ready to join or have more questions?  Click Here to contact and Hound Honey concierge who will answer all of your questions.