How It Works

Hound Honey is a premier membership based service meticulously crafted to take canine care to an entirely new level.

The idea is to remove the myriad of responsibilities associated with having a dog, while elevating all of the aspects of care that your pup receives. This way our clients can focus on the fun and eliminate the hassles that hinder spending quality time with your BFF.

We provide you with your very own Hound Honey, a pup concierge whose entire purpose is to assist you with any and all of your canine needs. We have tailored this model to first time pup parents as well as those uber seasoned ones to provide you a way to get all of the perks a concierge service coupled with a stellar Rewards program and access to our curated list of exceptional vendors!

Our Preferred Vendor list represents the best of the best in every category. It includes a variety of genres and services such as holistic veterinarians, dog walkers, canine acupuncturists, behavioralists, dental specialists,  physical therapists, groomers,  boarding facilities, and paperwork assistants who will complete the paperwork for all. Our painstaking research paved the way to create this list of exceptional, vertical professionals who proudly serve the dog community.

Your Hound Honey can do as much or as little as you like and as a member you will choose how your Concierge’s “Task Time” is used. . They can recommend vendors, book your appointments, and remind you when it’s time to replenish your dog’s medications. They can keep track of your pup’s vaccination schedule, find the right trainer to work with you on your dog’s specific behavioral issues, or locate the best spots for sponsored playdates featuring only your dog’s breed. They can order prepared, homemade food created to meet your dog’s special dietary needs and have it delivered to your door. If your dog needs a dentist, they’ll find the best one! The list of services is endless, so if your schedule is more arduous and you require a bit more care, then your Hound Honey can also pick up and transport your four-legged baby to and from their appointments! Our Hound Honeys are committed to providing you with excellent service, and will handle all of the heavy lifting to supply you with the most up to date, essential, and competent information and care.

To help facilitate this, we’ve created the Hound Honey Advisory Panel, a hand selected group of professionals who are highly qualified, devoted and passionate. The panel is comprised of veterinarians, techs, product and nutrition specialists, entrepreneurs, and doggie gurus who are capable of answering any and all pup questions from the simplest to the most complex. Our Hound Honeys confer with our Advisory Panel when necessary, to ensure that you’re getting the most accurate information there is.