Canine Crew Members + Specialists

Meleena Clara

Mileena Clara is a New York City native who received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, at Pennsylvania State University. Mileena is a creative soul, that has a passion for graphic and clothing design. During her young years, she developed a strong love for animals which stemmed from her first pet guinea pig. As a young adult in college, Mileena became a dog mom to her best pal Milo. Milo is a Jack Russell mix who loves long walks and playing catch. Through her experience with Milo, Mileena has gained tremendous knowledge about the importance of caring for dogs and their needs. She says Milo has taught her more than she can ever teach him.

Emi Perez

I've always had a special love for dogs for so many reasons. Their unconditional love and desire to just bring joy is overwhelmingly powerful. I've worked with dogs for many years and feel so blessed to be part of a company that values and cares for dogs in a way that I haven't seen anywhere else.

Sheyla Lopez

When Sheyla was 17, she got her first dog named Stella. Stella came into Sheyla's life at the perfect time and taught her the true meaning of unconditional love and patience. Sheyla continues to carry out Stella's legacy each and every day by providing love, patience and treats to our Hound Honey's fur babies.

Aintzane Carvajal

I have spent my entire life with animals and pets of different kinds: fish,turtles , cats and dogs. I have always been intrigued by them all , but my love of dogs is beyond anything I can communicate with words . My Mom was very influential in teaching me how to care for my pets and how to read their body language and different quirks. She explained that it was very important to be patient and to pay attention to the details in their movements , sounds and mannerisms . That has always helped me tremendously and I see the value through my work at Hound Honey and it is my honor and joy to be a part of your pet's journey.

Benjamin Gray

My name is Benjamin but I go by my last name Gray. Dogs have always been a huge part of my life, from my first dog Leo at age 3 to raising my Shibu Inu - Husky mix, Sosa throughout my 3 years of my undergrad years at Ithaca College. I enjoy long walks through nature with a doggie companion by my side and that’s partially why I’ve found a home with Hound Honey, taking care of beautiful pups of all varieties all over the state while also getting to enjoy the beauty of the inner city, the ever surprising concrete jungle we call New York City.

Iliana Munoz

I've been in love with dogs since I was seven years old and received my first pup, a beautiful Apple Head Chihuahua named Kanino. He changed my life and started me on a journey that will always include having dogs in my life. Over the years I have worked with dogs doing everything from walking to training , trying to teach them ,but the bottom line is they were actually teaching me. I learned patience and responsibility from them and most importantly I learned what unconditional love really is . It is my privilege to work with these amazing creatures who make me smile every day.

Michelle Casilari

I’ve been a dog sister and now a dog mother - and hope to always be one. My experience has been ongoing - from the most simple of tasks to basic grooming. Taking care of pets of all kinds is a responsibility I take extremely seriously and can promise you that your dog will be in the best possible hands!

Rocky Olivo

Animals have literally been a part of my life since birth - I grew up in Wisconsin on a farm, and always been surrounded by animals of all kinds. In New York, I have two loving cats but am also obsessed with dogs and can't wait for the day I can adopt my own.

Carlton Rolle

Animals have been an interest of Carlton's for as long as he can remember. From exploring and interacting with wildlife to owning domesticated pets, they have always held a special place in Carlton's heart. Their love, understanding, perspective, and comfort is irreplaceable to Carlton and he hopes to continue to bring these qualities to the Hound Honey team.

Abigaye Wynter

Abigaye has been fortunate enough to witness the profound bond between her own dog & her mom's furry companion. Abigaye believes when you treat a dog with love, kindness and gentleness, they undoubtedly reciprocate. She's excited to share her nurturing nature with all pets, ensuring they receive the same love and protection they generously provide us.

Colin Blair

One of Colin's earliest memories is playing with his family's German Shepherd, Dogan, in a field behind their Connecticut home. He has been madly in love with dogs ever since. Mostly growing up in Los Angeles, Colin had a variety of animals through his upbringing - from dogs, cats, rabbits, to even a tortoise. Now living in New York, Colin has a wonderful tuxedo cat, Frankie, and still loves caring for all types of animals.

Sonali Shah

Sonali has been an avid lover of dogs ever since she can remember. She is now the proud dog mom to a toy poodle named Oakley (who is in this picture with her!) She loves caring for all pets and is excited to love every one of them just like her own.

Yaere Loayza

Yaere has always had pets growing up and her love for them continues to grow into her adulthood. She has a passion for learning and understanding all different types of dogs, and has had several past experiences and past jobs in the Pet Care Industry. She looks forward to providing the same level of high quality care toward caring for our Hound Honey Member's pets.

Raquel Henderson

Raquel graduated from Saint Peter's University as a D1 athlete. While Fitness is still important to her (she has had much experience working for holistic doctors and in the medical field as a nurse), she also has a huge passion for animals and adopted many of her own - including birds, rabbits, dogs, cats, fish and even a guinea pig. She hopes to use her experience in medical care & pet care to provide exceptional service to the Hound Honey team.

Victoria Melo

Victoria was blessed to be born into a family of dog lovers. Her earliest recollections include furry family members and because of this, she has had a strong love for dogs throughout her life. She currently has two maltese shih tzu siblings that live with her mother, and a maltese poodle, Trina who is pictured above. Victoria takes pride in the care she provides dogs, and will without a doubt treat your fur baby like her very own.


Alex Petrullo - Reiki

Alex is a wellness professional specializing in fitness and energy healing. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, fitness instructor, and Certified Reiki Master. Alex provides both energetic life coaching and energy healing sessions using Reiki. She heals both independently and with The Haus of Healing on the Upper East Side. Reiki is “spiritually guided life force energy” and works on healing one’s energy body to promote stress reduction, well being, and increased vitality. Alex experienced profound healing within herself when she first started working with Reiki. She then studied to become certified and knew she had to share this energy with others (and doggos) to promote healing in the world!

Raelyn Edwards - Animal Behavioralist

I've known since I was 6 that working with animals is something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Over the years I've cared for dogs, cats, bunnies, turtles, lizards, and even a stray NYC pigeon! (that we named Patrick Russel) my unforgettable experiences with them led me to complete a bachelor’s degree in animal behavior psychology at Hunter College. I hope to share my knowledge on understanding the intricate language of non-verbal communication and empower pet owners to build stronger connections with their beloved companions.