Executive Team

Alissa Johnson - Director of Operations

Alissa has worked 10 years in Finance, Operations & Strategy. She has a love for animals and helps Hound Honey with the organization, administration & business management of our growing small business. With an unwavering love for our furry friends & high quality standards, Alissa is dedicated to building our small business and growing it to success.

Robert Oaks

Robert Oaks - Head of Staff and Services

Dogs bring so much joy to people just by simply walking through parks and seeing them so I felt extremely fortunate when I was able to adopt one of my own. He was a Yorkie named Rocky which was fitting because he was such a small dog with such a big personality. The impact he had and still has on my life is tremendous and it prompted me to want to give as much as I could to the rescue dog population so I started to volunteer at shelters. While walking and caring for them, I realized my love for dogs and wanted to spend as much time around them as possible. That said, I decided to make this my career path and l haven't ever been more satisfied or fulfilled. It brings me joy to give our client's dogs that extra love they deserve and care for them as if they are my own.

Lisa Narjaro

Lisa Naranjo - Assistant Head of Staffing

I remember as a kid going to the dog park each weekend to sit and watch the dogs play. I’d stay there for hours as the time flew by and think to myself “It can’t get any better than this”. When I was 12, I got my first pet, and although it wasn’t a dog, I was taught the most valuable of lessons. I learned responsibility, respect, compassion, and most importantly love. The unconditional love that you receive from your pet is something you can only understand once you’ve felt it. I take great pride in caring for your pet in any way that I possibly can. I’m living inner child’s dream and I know my younger self would be so happy.

Victoria McQuade

Victoria McQuade - Social Media Intern

For Victoria, animals have always played a significant role in her life. For the past two years she has been involved in animal care, which has allowed her to deepen her connection with dogs. Additionally, she is actively engaged in social media marketing and currently serves as a Social Media Intern for Hound Honey. Alongside her passion for animals, she is also a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology!