Our Mission

If you’re a pup parent who loves your baby but finds it a bit challenging to take care of the day-to-day responsibilities, we’re here to help. If you’re looking for more fun filled activities and much needed exercise for your dog, look no further. We take on all of the big and little tasks to keep your dog happy, healthy, thriving and safe. We do the research, find the vendors and even do all of the transporting to and from appointments if that’s what you need! We can pop in and spend an hour with your pup if you’re working on separation issues, find that physical therapist your dog needs for arthritis or an injury, arrange the playdates, schedule the grooming, facilitate the paperwork that certifies yours as an emotional support or therapy dog, take your pup on an adventure hike or on one of our agility courses, and even set you and your pup up on a double date! Membership includes exclusive promotions, bonuses and monthly HH activities for you and your dog to attend.

We are diligent about hiring our Hound Honeys who go through a specialized training program and follow a detailed process to make first-rate recommendations and provide services from our curated list of elite vendors. They’re focused, ready, willing, able, and there to cover all of the aspects related to your pup.

The mission is simple – Hound Honey was created out of necessity and built from love!