Our Services


Monday – Friday 9AM – 6PM - with certain services offered at set times during the day
Monday – Friday 6PM – 9PM – dog walking , boarding and emergency pick-ups available
Saturday – Sunday 11AM – 4:30PM – hikes , seasonal outings and Central Park playtime

*** There is an increase in pricing for weekday early morning and evening services (before 8AM or after 6PM) and weekend services
*** Hikes and outings can be canceled due to heavy rain, snow and inclement or dangerous weather - credit will be applied to your account for future services
*** Members are welcome to inquire about after- hours services and can ask their HH Concierge at any time


● Cancellations can be made within 48 hours prior to service
● Cancellations made within 48 hours will be applied as credit and can be used for future
● Cancellations for Boarding must be made 4 days prior to service

6 Month Dog Membership Fee : $375

Pricing and outline of services:

HH Concierge “Task Time” ($35/hr and up) – let your Hound Honey find everything you need – from researching vendors to finding recipes to making your dog’s favorite treats and more

Dog Walk ($45 / hour per dog - $35 / 30 minutes) – you can request a brisk walk for exercise or a leisurely stroll in the park or maybe a bit of both – it’s up to you

Dog Walk with Training Support ($75/hr and up) – we will utilize the techniques outlined by the Trainer to support and reinforce to maintain consistency

In-House Pup Sitting ($45 / hour) – sometimes your pup just needs to have companionship and attention in their own environment and our staff will happily provide that

Pup playdates ($65 / hour for up to 2 dogs and $35 for each additional dog / hour)  we will coordinate “ playdates” for your pup with their best friend or newest buddy from the dog park

Transportation for Boarding ($35/ hour and up for a ride within NYC – additional pricing applies for wait time $45 and up for a ride outside of NYC) – *** transportation prices will vary depending on time of day and availability

Appointment Courier ($55/ hour and up)  your Canine Crew Member will schedule appointments then pick up , wait and bring your pup home safely from any and all appointments - transportation cost additional

New Puppy and Full Service Travel Concierge (Flat fee starting at $1200 and up for travel within the US. and $1800 and up for anywhere outside of the US) – airfare and all travel expenses to be provided by HH Member – our staff will travel to retrieve your brand new pup and bring them home – or travel with your pup to the destination of your choice – daily fees will apply as applicable

Same Breed Meet Ups ($65 / hour for up to 2 dogs and $35 for each additional dog / hour) – we will coordinate a playdate with a pup just like yours!

HH In-Home Boarding ($145 and up / night on weekdays - $155 and up on weekends depending on dog’s size and needs) – 50% deposit required when booking – your Hound Honey staffer will provide 24/7 care for your dog and make them feel right at home *** prices may increase for Holidays ***

Indoor playtime ($55/ hour per dog) – capped at 4 dogs per playgroup – we have 2 options – one midtown and the other on the upper east side where we can play with your pup and 3 others in an indoor facility  *** depends on availability ***

Pup errands ($40/ hour and up depending on location and travel time) – our staff will run any and all errands relegated to all of your pup’s needs

ESA Certification Connection ($85 flat fee to connect and assist you in obtaining your dog’s Emotional Support Certification papers and card) – fees will apply for paperwork and any additional research

Travel Companion (*pricing will vary*) – our caring and professional staff will take the ride with your pup whether by plane, train or automobile 

Travel Paperwork ($65/ hour) our capable staff will help research airlines and flights and then plan and fulfill all paperwork for your dog’s travel

Baths and Basic Light Grooming (starting at $65 and up)  we can provide either or both of these services at your place or one of ours

*** Pup Parent introductions: Complimentary *** - meet other Hound Honey members

Hound Honey Adventures

all activity outings come with a light “paw prep” to ensure that your dog comes home clean!

HH Hiking ($120 and up for trails within 15 miles of NYC - $145 and up for trails 15 miles or more outside of NYC) – all hikes are 1.5-3 hours - include transportation to and from and a light clean up – there’s nothing better than knowing that your dog is getting a great day of exercise and fun outside of the city

HH Central Park Playtime ($85 / hour) – we bring our toys, balls, agility equipment and more to create the ultimate outing for your pup in the best spots in Central Park

HH Water Waders (Seasonal) $90 / hour  same as above with kiddie pools and water for those ultra -hot days in the summer

*** COMING SOON - Download the Hound Honey APP to schedule services on the go! ***

Please ask your Hound Honey Concierge about EVENTS, PARTNERSHIP perks , rewards, discounts and cross promotional ventures.

Cat Services

6 Month Cat Membership Fee : $175

Pricing and outline of services:

Cat sitting ($55/hour per cat) – includes feeding, playtime & cat litter removal

Cat check-in 24 hours ($95 / day and up) – or staff to go 2-3 times per day to feed & play with cats

Cat boarding ($145 / hour and up) – either in owner’s home or staff’s home

Cat sanitary grooming ($45 and up)  clipping and cleaning (additional for long haired cats)

Cat grooming ($105 and up)  with waterless shampoo (if preferred) with full brushing and deshedding

Cat Task Time ($35 / hour and up) your Feline Crew Member can work with your concierge to research vendors and other services you may be looking for. They can also make appointments on your behalf.

Cat Appointment Courier ($55 / hour and up)  your Feline Crew Member will carry out any of your pets scheduled appointments, then pick up, wait and bring your cat home safely from any and all appointments *** transportation prices will vary depending on time of day and availability